Hans Muller

Nueva Andalucia / Belguim

I have just listed with Blue Line Marbella Realty as I have to move back to Belguim.  Their level of customer service and professionalism is up there at the top.   They definitely have a good knowledge of this business and know what they are doing.

Tiffany Birk

I found this company really helpful as rather than just taking me around all the properties, they sat me down and listened to what I needed and showed me exactly what I was looking for.   They told me the benefits to each property and what made it a good investment.  They helped me find a good lawyer and also helped me get things sorted after the sale.  They went above and beyond in my opinion and would recommend them to others.

Harold Pinter

Very helpful company,  afterwards I had trouble with getting my electricity connected, just one phone call to them and they told me everything I needed and came with me to the electricity office to get it all sorted.  The service they offer is second to none.  Definitely would only recommend this company to my family and friends.  Parfait.

Laura Simms


Really helpful.  Would recommend to friends.

Serge Gaukins France

Very good knowledge of the areas.  Bought as an investment, convinced my sister to buy as well.  Amazing job of negotiation, I couldn´t have got this deal by myself.  Worth using their service for the great discount they got myself and on my sisters property as well.  Very experienced agents.

Ahmad Yassin

Saudi Arabia

I am from Riadh.  This company was very helpful to me as I am a very busy business man.  They put me in touch with a lawyer who helped me with my Golden Visa, they made the whole buying process very easy and straight forward, a lot of things I managed to take care of from my home country.  If you are looking for someone to take care of you while doing a straight forward professional job then these are the people for you.  No nonesense.  Will use again for my next investment.

Guy Lorenz

I was looking for a holiday rental and they could not help me as they only work with sales.  However, they were still very helpful and giving me advice and information about the areas.  I took a card anyway in the hopes I may win the lottery so I can come back and buy in beautiful Marbella.

Deliah Prez

Benahavis Marbella

Listed my property (4 bed villa) with this estate agency.  They were very realistic with me and told me what price I should ask for and also why.  They explained their strategy with me and I knew where I stood at all times.   They go through the whole process so you know what to expect and what not to expect.  They only brought serious clients and no time wasters.  Would recommend others who are wanting to sell to list with this agency.

Dorothy Perkinz

They helped me find exactly what I was looking for, helped me find a company to furnish the house I bought.  Helped me from start to end.  I bought 2 properties from them, 1 for myself and 1 to keep as an investment.  They talked me through why certain properties were better for investment and why some were better for homes to live in.

Samia  U


I stumbled upon their office on a walk along the paseo, I had actually already chosen a property but decided to see what they had anyway.  I ended up buying something from them as they showed me something really good that I couldn´t pass up on.  Would recommend you talking to them if you´re looking for a property in Marbella.

Alex Winkler USA

Good service. Good house.

Naomi Clay

I would recommend Blue Line Marbella Realty if you want to find a second home on the Costa.  They did a really good negotiation for me so I made a great saving.



Sold my penthouse with this company.  Striaght forward, no nonsense.  Good customer service.

Beata K…

Very professional company.  I really value good customer service and this company had that.  I felt like they were really listening to what I wanted and provided a A* service.  I will be recommending them to my friends.

Tommy Muligan

Many thanks to your team in Marbella, especially Bob who was, and continued to be absolutely brilliant with his advice and helpfulness. It was our first time ever buying a property abroad, so we had many questions and things to do and for that we needed a lot of help and your whole team and your lawyers were so professional. We felt so at home and at ease with all that and we will certainly have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.



Tom and Vanesa

Just to say thanks for all your help.  As you know we intended to go ahead with the purchase but my mother’s health issues stopped us from doing so.  However all along you were extremely helpful and we recommend your company to anybody wishing to purchase in Spain, Thank you for all your help.

Yours Sincerely

Tom and Vanesa London

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