Marbella is not only a holiday resort for a week or two in July, Marbella is a lifestyle.  Marbella is one of the most popular areas for Europeans and International afluent clients in the world buying a holiday home or second home.

Marbella enjoys a unique Micro-climate which means mild Winter and mild summers, in reality there is no cold season in Marbella hence that many foreigners (50% of habitats of Marbella) have chosen to live there permanently.  The fact that there is 50% Spanish local residents living here all year and also another 50% foreign habitats that live most of the year in Marbella, keeps the area live and relatively busy all year.  If you travel to Marbella in December or February, you will find that Marbella amenities are not shut down, unlike many other coasts like Costa Brava, Cost Almeria or even Mallorca. Mallorca with its all amazing charm in summer, has long wet season & rainfall, making it less attractive as a home to live in most of the year.

Did you know Marbella enjoys 300 sunny days all year approximately? That’s right, that is what attracts many people every year to Marbella, to enjoy the outdoor life, cycling, running, surfing, or simply enjoying fresh air by the side of the pool or by the sea. The coldest month in Marbella is January with average temperatures of 11 degrees.  The average sunshine is 6 hours in the cold months and 14 hours in the hot month in July.  The average sea temperature varies from 16°C in winter to 24°C in summer.

Marbella also enjoys a privileged clientele, mostly educated and successful businessmen and businesswomen form Europe and many other countries. In fact in Marbella you can find people form more than 130 countries who live here (hence the many flags flying in the entrance to Marbella next to the Marbella arch). This has been self-evident for people who have had a property here, getting to know their neighbours and seeing that they are mostly educated and very successful in life.

In terms of education, Marbella boasts the best international school of spain (rated officially as the best private schools in Spain) – Swans International school, and many more top quality colleges like Aloha college and German school of Marbella and British school

Marbella also enjoys many Blue flag awarded beaches all voted for the quality of water and services as oppsed to some areas like Malaga, that has no Blue flag awarded beaches at all. Marbella also offers some of the best golf courses of Spain, in fact an area of Marbella has been called Golf  Valley due to high number of Golf Course in the surrounding valley which can be enjoyed all year round due to the mild climate.

Marbella also is famous for being the jet set and popular amongst rich and celebrities.  With Puerto Banus and its luxury designer boutiques like Gucci and Cartier all there for those who indulge shopping and some of the most expensive luxury yachts & super cars of the world and some to watch.

Marbella is alos popular with Royal families of many countries, as evidently you will see quite a few large palaces in The Golden Mile, including palace of King Fahad, Palace of King Salman, palace Jasmin Noor, and few more.

When its evening in Marbella you are spoilt for choice where to dine, choose charming Old town of Marbella, Orange Square (Plaza de los Naranjos) , with its beautifully preserved historical buildings, Town hall of Marbella &  narrow cobble streets.  There is also many Michelin star rated restaurants dotted around Marbella , with amazing food they offer including BIBO restaurant run by the famous celebrity chef of Spain – Dani Garcia in the hotel Puente Romano in The Golden Mile.  Many hotels and also Beach Restaurants (called chiringuito in Spanish)  also offer great service and sea food.

There are plenty of sports you can do in the area, including, cycling by the beach, walking beachfront, rollerblading, jet skiing and other Watersports, tennis, Padel, if skiing is your thing or other snow sports then Sierra Nevada is only 1 hour drive away and is covered with snow in the winter months.

Marbella offers some of the most tranquil and exclusive residential urbanizations including, The Golden Mile, Los Monteros, Nueva Andalucia and Sierra Blanca.  Its Notable that Marbella is not only for Millionaires, our professional agents can help you find a holiday home for prices as low as 200,000 Euros, that’s for smaller apartments, also we can help you find a luxury home , villa for you and your family.

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